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Marla Danielson

Marla's Family

I have always been passionate about using plant-based foods to cook tasty, nutritious meals for my family and friends. From 2017 - 2023 I taught a cooking class at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Forest Grove, Oregon and shared healthy recipes with others. In 2022 I volunteered to start a plant-based class at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Long Beach, Washington and it's also been a joy. Did you know that what scientists, nutritionists and doctors all over the world are just telling us today after years of research---that eating a plant-based diet is the best for optimal health and reducing the risk of serious diseases---was the original diet given to mankind in the Garden of Eden at the creation of our world? Our Maker and Father in heaven knows what is best for our bodies and His desire is for us to be healthy! I want to share with others what is found in the ultimate guidebook for life--the Holy Scriptures. Not only our health, but our soul is of importance to God because He loves us as a good father loves his children and His desire is to give us eternal life. 

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2
So, take a look around the site and see what inspires you to get cooking tasty plant-based meals for your family and friends, and if you are in the Long Beach, Washington area when a cooking class event is happening, please come and join us! We will give you free recipes to take home and you will taste a delicious plant-based meal prepared just for you. There's demos of the recipes and door prizes too!

Tom and Melissa Lewis

Hello to you all!

We are the Lewis family, Tom and Melissa! We both have had years of interest in naturopathy, plant-based cooking, and practicing healthy, active lifestyles! Our kitchen is usually a whirlwind of always testing new recipes, trying to simplify them, making them tastier, and getting the best bang out of your grocery-buck!....especially in today's economy!

I (Tom) am a retired RN of 30 years. We both have witnessed and experienced the complete change in a person's health that can occur by following God's simple remedies and the natural diet that He has given us.

Do any of you know what the number one killer disease is in the world??? You can certainly Google it, but if you come to our cooking classes, you can definitely find out practical guidelines of how to avoid it!

As an RN, I have seen the traumatic results of lifestyle decisions and how it has affected the human body. Eating is something that we all do....everyday....and it will never stop....even after all our teeth are gone!

We hope you will visit us for the class!...Even if you are skeptical, please come and taste some of these recipes and find out how easy it is to regain your health through your choices! Hope to see you all there!

K'Lynn Ragsdale

Mother to 2 children. Grandmother to 8. Married 48 years in September to Mike. Hi, my name is K'Lynn Ragsdale. Our nutrition journey developed over a long time. Beginning in high school with the self knowledge of baking a double batch of chocolate chip cookies in order to eat one whole batch raw to deciding to go gluten-free vegan sometime around 2016.

Born with a milk allergy my dad figured out when the doctor's couldn't. I was raised on skim milk as back-in-the-day it seemed to do the least harm. Mike was in the Air Force so we spent 3 years in Germany. Reading an article in a magazine that stated people grew out of their allergies sometimes, I said great! Let's have German pastries with butter and cream to see what happens.

I learned allergies can change in how the body tries to detox. So instead of full body welts, internal body systems were affected. Confusing, I know! It's also uncomfortable. 

Beginning in 2016 we learned how gluten affects Mike's nervous system and was a cause of terrible cluster headaches. Gluten was also affecting Mike's moods.

After living over 50 years with psoriasis of the scalp and knowing exactly the year it started, I kept trying different products to find the allergy. It is eggs. Something happened to our nation's production of eggs in the 1970's and (of course) it affects me.

Going vegan has improved the way we feel. We may cheat on our diet a very little bit, but know that our health will pay for it if we overdo.


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